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The House that Vanished

19 Apr 2014

Sometimes, when painters are planning a new, large work, they'll do a coloured sketch. And this is what this is. It's a short story (really, not very long at all) that I wrote which may end up as the foundation of a book. I think it's somet...

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The Hinge of the year

19 Mar 2014

Saturday this week, the 22nd March, is the equinox. And it's palpable, now. The country, and our small farm, can feel the pull of winter. I love this time of the year. Right now, the landscape is exhausted and brown as a lion But ...

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After the Oscars

03 Mar 2014

Could it be that the day of the great female character, the great female actress, is finally, finally dawning? Could it be that the path we helped to blaze with McLeods (and yes, I really think we did since this show when to sooooo many countr...

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