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Who we really are

06 Oct 2014

Writers are many people. I'm that guy, dressed in chain mail, after the battle's done and astonished to know I'm still alive.  And, yes! It's riduculous to feel like that  - it's only a book, WILD WOOD (and none of my ...

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Great news!

02 Jun 2014

I'm on the home stretch! My dear publisher at Simon and Schuster in New York has had this to say about the manuscript of my new book: "It's really wonderful - very entertaining and full of heart and danger and  rich history a...

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The House that Vanished

19 Apr 2014

Sometimes, when painters are planning a new, large work, they'll do a coloured sketch. And this is what this is. It's a short story (really, not very long at all) that I wrote which may end up as the foundation of a book. I think it's somet...

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