The Exiled

Posie Graeme–Evans has created a dramatic, heart–wrenching portrayal of two people driven together by love, but torn apart by cruel forces far beyond their control. Will Anne and Edward be able to overcome the dark forces moving against them and make a life together?


In this thrilling sequel to , Anne de Bohun faces the challenge of raising her child in exile. Always resourceful, she flourishes as a merchant and is able to support her household. But Anne has a secret her enemies could use to destroy her. Her son is the product of a passionate affair with King Edward IV, who knows nothing of his existence. If this information were to fall into the wrong hands, it could prove lethal for Anne and her child.

In Anne’s dangerous world, where enemies masquerade as allies, someone very powerful wants her dead. Yet, what pains Anne the most is the uncertainty of whether she will ever see Edward Plantagenet again.




“Obvious comparisons are made to Philippa Gregory, but it is younger and a great deal sexier. I loved it.”
— The Bookseller (UK)