The Island House – stills from the trailer shoot

The Island House

Trailer Shoot

As well as location hunting for The Island House, one of my great pleasures – after the book was finally finished and publication locked in – was shooting a trailer for the book.

Because I live in Tasmania, and so many parts of this island are similar to Scotland, I was able to shoot the material I needed here – that is, “Tasmania for Scotland”. I cast local actors in the major roles of Signy, Freya and the Viking Chief, and with the exception of Director of Photography (both stills and moving image), Ben Allen ACS, worked with a small, brilliant local crew.

I’ll be posting the trailer soon, but meanwhile I thought you might like to see some stills from the shoot. Just a little taste of things to come…

Signy from The Island House, played by Ella Dann

I was lucky indeed when Ella Dann walked into my casting for the trailer of  The Island House. The perfect Signy. Wait ’til you see the trailer!


Sarah Graeme-Evans plays Freya Dane in The Island House

This is how I’d always seen Freya Dane in The Island House. And my niece, Sarah Graeme-Evans (who’s actually an Osteopath) was perfect for the part. She’s been around boats all her life.


Viking Chieftain in the trailer for The Island House

Viking Chieftain from the trailer for The Island House in full regalia: real sword, real helmet, real chain mail. Played by the very resourceful Brian Dimmick


A Viking band prepares to attack

The Vikings prepare to attack Findnar in trailer for The Island House


Freya on her way to the Island of Findnar in The Island House

Freya Dane heads for the island of Findnar



Viking attack in The Island House

The Vikings attack the island of Findnar



Signy runs away from the Viking invaders in The Island House

Signy runs from the invaders


Freya Dane sensing the past on the island of Findnar in The Island House

Freya Dane on the island.


The house on the island of Findnar?

A house I saw in Scotland. Part of my inspiration


Signy, a thousand years ago in The Island House, Findnar, Scotland

Signy. Does she see the future?


Freya Dane in The Island House

Freya, wondering why she’s come to Findnar.


Viking treasure in a longship grave, Scotland

Viking treasure. Findnar’s secret



I very much hope you enjoy the trailer when you see it. Looking forward to your comments.